Ceramic Tiles

Creating Beautiful Ceramic Tile Patterns

Once you have made the final decision to add ceramic tiles to your walls or floors in your home, you need to start brain storming ideas for the ultimate design. With ceramic tiles there are so many brilliant designs you can create and optical illusions that will get you and your guests lost in your thoughts. Optical illusions can be created by using light colored tiles to make a smaller room in your house seem larger than it truly is. For the more creative individuals, an optical illusion can be created by using different colored tiles to create a 3D illusion on a completely flat surface such as a 3D box or even a geometric shape that casts shadows. This specific type of project takes a longer period of time to create, but is well worth all the compliments you will receive once it has been completed.

For simple, creative patterns on a tile floor/wall, you can easily place different colored tiles in specific areas to create your own design or even lettering for your children's names. If the project is being created for a memorabilia piece, you can even add your children’s hand prints and foot prints to some of the tiles. To give it the ultimate family look, be sure to use bright colors along with their hand prints and other designs such as flowers, butterflies and cars for the little boys in the family. The creativity limit on creating a tile floor/wall is completely endless as there are so many color and design options for you and your family to choose from. Remember to always piece your design together before using an adhesive so you can be sure that there are no flaws and only perfection.

This video shows how to install a pinwheel pattern with your ceramic floor tiles: