Choosing Ceramic Tiles

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Before making or purchasing ceramic tiles for your home, it is in your best interest to choose wisely between the different types of tiles. The different choices presented to you are alumina, silicon, zirconia, silicon nitride and boron carbide. Believe it or not, each and every one of these types of ceramic tiles play a different role in accommodating your home. Below are the descriptions of the different types of ceramic tiles you can choose from.

Alumina Tiles

This particular type of tile is lined with an all natural rubber compound which helps reduce the impact of noise vibrations and small abrasions. The rubber compound gives the tiles shock absorption capability, which in return makes it the perfect addition to any households with children. Alumina tiles also are resistant to chemical corrosion which helps the tiles to have a longer life span.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide tiles have a very hard surface and a high thermal conductivity. This type of tile is extremely popular to all home owners and manufactures that are in search of durable products.


Zirconia tiles have a low thermal conductivity, amazing frictional conduct and has an extremely tough surface that is needed for a strong floor structure. These tiles are excellent for bathroom and kitchen areas in your home or business.

Silicon Nitrade

This tile in particular is extremely shock resistant and popular to manufactures that are in need of tiles that have a low thermal conductivity and that are resistant to molten metals.

Boron Carbide

This tile has the hardest surface out of all the tile types and is extremely resistant to wear. Although the surface is very tough, the tile can easily become brittle because of thermal shock failure.