Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Kitchen Backsplashes and Showers

Using ceramics in the home has become a popular way to add beauty with a durable surface that will stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. The two places in the home that require the most resistance to water and everyday use are the kitchen and bathroom, so many ceramic manufacturers have concentrated on these areas. They have come up with a variety of tiles that will suit the needs of these areas, and they also add beauty wherever they are used.

Modern homeowners are generally not interested in having a patterned tile for their backsplash in the kitchen, but they still want it to look great. Subway tiles have become one of the best ways to decorate without being locked into a pattern that will become outdated, and white is a popular color to use as a base. Rather than choose a tile pattern, many decorators now suggest adding color and drama with a line of colored tiles that are small. This creates a focal point that draws the eye, but it does not take away from the neutrality of the majority of the tiles.

Water in solid cascades and steam are part of everyday life in the bathroom, and ceramic tiles are a good fit for homeowners who want a durable shower that is easy to clean. While some choose to have patterned tiles, many prefer a neutral palette. The soap and shampoo area may boast a different tile scheme to add drama, or there may be a line of complementary colored tile to draw the eye. Both types of tile scheme seem to work for most bath d├ęcor, and it can be the basis for decorating the entire room.

Ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom were considered quaint in the past, but modern tiling options have changed this outlook. Rather than quaint, the words now used are sophisticated, clean and modern.